So, here it is, the first day of the Blog. Check the About page for more information on what to expect from this Blog, and more information about myself!

Hour 1

The first hour (day) was a pretty boring hour to blog about. I basically set everything that I needed to create a Windows Phone 7 game up. If you are wondering about how to do this yourself, then there is tons of information available over at the Microsoft App Hub (Formally XNA Creators Club).

Once everything had installed and everything was set up in the Microsoft App Hub, it was time to create the game!

Let's start a new Windows Phone 7 Game!

This marks the beginning of a new chapter! The project built and set up, let’s see my game on the emulator!

The game is on the emulator!

My new creation on the Emulator, it doesn’t do anything yet though =(… soon it will though!


So, a pretty plain start to my blog, keep an eye out tomorrow for the next hour in my quest to create a game hour by hour!