The first real hour of game creation can now begin!

Hour 2

First of all, what I needed was a Game Idea, I’d been thinking about what to create for a while. It needs to use some of the ‘Fun’ features of the Windows Phone 7 hardware, such as the accelerometer and the touch screen, and it needs to be a pretty simple an quick game to create, since I’m only going to be working an hour a day!

I’ve been a gamer on the iPhone (iOS) for a while now, and as you can read from the About page I’ve also created a few games myself during my placement year for iOS! One stand out game which never really got noticed a huge amount, but was really very good and addictive as well as fitting into the criteria laid out above was Tilt-to-Live. The game used the Accelerometer in a really good way, to control the character of the game, but in essence what the game all boils down to is ‘avoid the enemies for as long as possible’. This is the direction I’m going to take with my game, but try to add a bit of originality into the game with the method of destroying the enemies. I’m thinking maybe touching the screen to send a shock-wave where you touch to kill all nearby enemies. Of course, this may turn out to be a rubbish idea, so first things first. I need to start prototyping this new method of killing enemies!


The accelerometer will be the main method of controlling the character, so I started off by looking into how the Accelerometer API works in XNA, since this is all new to me. Which leads onto another problem…

Since I’m going to have to use the Emulator for a while, since I’m currently waiting for my Windows Phone 7 to arrive (could be another 2 weeks… O_o), I have to find a way to emulate the Accelerometer input from the computer. I tried using the keyboard input and mouse input, but since the emulator is emulating the phone, there is no keyboard or mouse input being recognised by the phone, which lead to a pretty annoying problem already. Using the ‘Touch’ API I managed to emulate the accelerometer by dragging the mouse around, which will have to do for now. I’d have to wait for my phone to arrive before I could test the new enemy destroying method anyway.

The Player

Using my awesome programmer art, I made a basic triangle for the game, with a center circle. You can tell it’s orientation and the direction it is moving in by the way it is facing. Using my super high- tech emulated accelerometer, I’ve managed to make the character move around the screen when the device is ’tilted’ (I drag my mouse). Check it out:


So, that’s the hour up for today, or slightly over actually, but I got into it and wanted something to show for the first session =P, so it’s excusable.