Beat the Enemies!

Today’s hourly task was to create a way to destroy the enemies, the way that I came up with was to create a ‘Shockwave’ when the user touches the screen, the shockwave would grow from where you touch, and kill everything it touches. I thought this would end up being a really fun way to play the game, it utilizes both the Accelerometer and the Touch screen, in a, hopefully, fun way.

I had to take a few considerations when creating this:

  • How often can the Shockwave be created
    • To often = To easy
    • Not often enough = To hard.
    • Could scale with time to increase the difficulty over time?
  • How big is the shockwave?
    • To big = To easy
    • To small = To hard
    • Could scale with time to increase difficulty?!

As you can see, they both have an effect on the difficulty of the game, and this won’t be finalised until probably much later on. It will be tweaked and tweaked until launch day! When ever that is.

So this week, I’ve taken a totally different method of showing what I have done. I’ve recorded the whole 1 hour session and sped it up 10x, I’ll see how this works =) It may be an awesome thing to do since you get to see everything. I found it weird but awesome watching my past hour go by in 6 minutes rather than 60:

The long pause in the middle was me failing at C# and it’s Garbage collection. After using C++ for a while I’m used to the delete keyword =).

And the usual, this is what I have now video:


So after 4 hours of quite quick coding … the code is becoming quite hazardous and quite a huge mess … so tomorrows hour will be spent cleaning it up, it won’t make for a fun blog post, but it’s a necessary step. Also, without a Phone, I’m a little pessimistic as to how to go on, since I’d like to test it on a device! Rest assured though, this Hour a Day will continue!