A week has now passed, that’s 7 hours, and the game is starting to take shape. Of course, it still looks pretty shocking since there is no Artwork and the Menu’s need designing and backgrounds need creating and all of that, but that will come in time. In fact, I’ve been speaking to a close friend of mine who may make me some artwork, so very soon you may see some artwork making its way into the game.


This hour I created a simple Timer class, which holds milliseconds, seconds and minutes. I doubt anyone will survive for Hours so I felt no reason in implementing hours too. In the Update, it add’s to the milliseconds, which in turn will change the seconds and minutes accordingly. Really simple to create, and does the job!

‘Dead’ State

The game didn’t really end before this hour, you could die and you would respawn in the top corner. So I’ve added a ‘Dead’ state, which basically pops up the menu when the player comes into contact with an enemy. This menu holds your last time and your best time, along with 2 menu options to restart the game or go to the menu. Again, quite a simple addition since it is implemented almost in the same way as the pause menu at the moment. Lots of code was just copy and pasted from that Class.


In addition to some other tweaks, that’s all that I’ve done today! It only really took 53 minutes, but close enough to an Hour =)… Here is the video as usual, and again, skip to around 5 mins 20 seconds to see the latest version of the game!


Thanks for all of the nice messages I’ve been getting! Lots of love for the project so far =) Let’s hope it grows and grows as the game gets better and better! When the game has some artwork in it I’ll also start promoting this blog and get some more people interested, as for now, it’s probably just friends and family! Let me know if your neither a friend nor family! I’d love to know if anyone else is following what I’m doing.