Today I’ve been to Uni all day, quite a stressful day due to the content of the day, some people will know what I mean =). Travelling there and back (45 mins each way) takes more out of you than you realise. All combined makes me pretty tired and not really up to doing a lot today, but I managed to get 45 mins of meaningful hour a day completed, although the first 15 mins was a bit wasted.

Attempted to Design

I attempted to design some artwork, but failed miserably as you may notice from my video. I want to wait until I get my device before I start fiddling around with Artwork and such.

Bad news on the Device front though =(, I won’t be getting my device for at least another week …. Thanks T-Mobile!


I’ve managed to create a really crude Powerup class, A base class from which all Powerups will inherit, with an Effect() method which will be implemented to different effects in each powerup. I’ve temporarily made a Invulnerability Powerup for now … That may change when the design gets finalised!

So … here is the video for today. Sorry for the super small update, but Mondays are pretty busy for me in terms of Uni. All day at uni and need to prepare for a meeting with my Supervisor for tomorrow. The Hour a Day tomorrow will be much improved!