First off today, I’d been thinking overnight about how the game would play if each of the enemies that were hit by the shockwave, created their own shockwave which then killed other enemies and so on, so that you could create some sort of chain reaction! I decided to implement this first, and I’m still not really sure about it. I think as usual, I’d need to see the game running on the Device and with some better artwork to make final decisions on where to go.

After that, I’d been wondering how you would do Loading and Saving on the Windows Phone 7 device. So during the hour I looked-up how loading and saving was done on the Windows 7 device. It is done by using a IsolatedStorage class, the most basic one being IsolatedStorageSettings, where all of the game settings are stored. This is stored as a Dictionary, so you can access it with ‘Keys’ and it will return an ‘Object’ which can be cast to a string for example. To get a local copy of this Dictionary the following line is used:

IsolatedStorageSettings userSettings = IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings;

This moves a copy (reference) of the ApplicationSettings into your local variable – userSettings. Using this variable you can ‘Add’, retrieve or edit any ‘Key’ in the dictionary that you wish! An example of each would be:

userSettings.Add("name", "Any String");
string name = (string)userSettings["name"];
userSettings["name"] = "Any String";

This is really simple and works well, I’ve used it so far to save the best time and load on initial start-up.

As usual, here is the video, but I totally forgot to record the latest version of the game. I don’t have time yet, so you’ll have to wait for tomorrow or take a sneek peek at 10x speed =P.

Also in the video you can see me taking care of some basic artwork needs for the game, these have been sent off to one of my close friends, Joe Pykett, who I worked with at We Are Colin on the game – Cavemen Vs. Aliens and Gravity Runner. He is a very accomplished artist and we are going to share the profits of this game! If it makes any that is!


Anyone have any comments, or just want to mention something about anything at all, feel free to do so! I take criticism well, I’ll take on board game design ideas and I’ll respond to any questions!