Hour 10, I’m starting to find it hard for things to do now each hour … I really need a Windows Phone 7 phone, which probably won’t arrive at my house until the middle of next week. So that I can test the game out with the accelerometer and a real touch screen, rather than using the mouse to emulate the accelerometer and tapping at the same time!


So far, I’d only created a Text button, but I’m more than 100% sure that in the end product, I’ll need to have ImageButtons, so that there can be Images which can be pressed. So today I created them, check out the video for my awesome programmer art!

While fiddling around with the buttons I also tweaked them a lot, since I realised how I’d implemented them before was a little rubbish, and I also made it so that all buttons can pulsate on a Sin wave, which adds a nice effect to liven the menus up slightly.

Game Area

I made my own game background art, which had a game area set into it. I’ve created this now since I will need to implement edges of the play area so that the player can’t escape it and the enemies don’t spawn outside of it. It’s a pretty simple fix really, so was done pretty quickly!

Overall, the Artwork probably took the longest to complete in today’s hour, so that’s why I’m outsourcing my artwork =P. Plus my artwork is pretty pants.

Check out the video, this hour with speech bubbles! Skip to 5.40ish for the current version of the game!



I’ve also had a nice first set of mockups from the artist that is working on the game! Check it out:

In Game Screen

Main Menu Screen

End of Game Screen

Looking good! Can’t wait for it to be in the game! I’ll keep my opinions reserved for now, I don’t think they should be publicised =P.