I’ve felt like I need a session to brainstorm some idea’s and document all of the idea’s I’ve had so far, so this hour is that session! I’ve come up with the name “Tap-Splosion” for the moment. It reflects what it is really, without copying Tilt-to-Live’s name.

I’ve created a design document for the game which outlines the basic premise of the game, highlights the direction I’m thinking of taking the game, and then has a list of possible updates to include after that.

So far, it’s very, very basic, not much to look at. But it’s something to show the Artist and say “Look, this is how I want it!”. I’m also going to create a Google Doc full of features that I can keep track of.

Tap-Splosion Design Doc

Tap-Splosion ToDo List

So this hour isn’t the most entertaining hour to read about, but it was necessary to do.


I’ve just been given some new artwork by the artist. Looks pretty awesome =). I’m happy for it to stay in this style now:

Main Menu v0.2