So today is the 12th hour in my quest to create a game one hour at a time, and that’s 12 hours of testing an accelerometer based game with the mouse … Hopefully I should be getting my Windows Phone 7 device at some point next week, if T-Mobile hurry up with their “Testing” of the Samsung Omnia 7’s.


Today I’ve been adding a few more power-ups, which was a pretty simple task really, due to the way I’ve implemented my power-up class. I’ve added a power-up which slows all of the enemies down almost to a halt, and a power-up which makes my Shockwave recharge every 2 seconds rather than 5 seconds. These are all still prototype power-ups, since I’m still waiting to test the game on my device, but I’m being patient =).

While implementing some of these power-ups, I noticed a few problems in my code along the way, so I’ve been rectifying these too, as well as some bug which I found while playtesting the game. I’ve added some of the problems I noticed to my Google Documents TODO list, as well as some more things which need to be added or changed.


A big bug which I noticed while playing was that after 1 minute of the game, the enemies stopped spawning! This was due to the fact I was checking whether the current second of the game was higher than the previous second, if it was then spawn an enemy. This breaks down after a minute, since the seconds go back down to 0 when they reach a minute.

This hours progress video can be found here, I tried narrating over the hour, but I don’t like the sound of my own voice so decided against it. If people would like me to tell you what has happened during following hours by talking about them in the video, then let me know and I’ll put up with my voice: