I’ve had some artwork from the Artist (Joe Pykett) and it’s AWESOME! This hour is where I put all of the artwork I’ve been given so far into the game, and tweak the game slightly to work with this new artwork.


Since the button images I have been given have an Up and Down state (Pressed and Depressed)  the ImageButton class needed changing to accommodate this. I already had a function which was called when the button got pressed and depressed, so that was as simple as changing the current texture to the one which was needed.

There is a slight problem in this at the moment, since I’ve made the game load when the button is pressed, you can’t actually see the button being pressed in visually. So I think soon I’m going to have to change the button to load on button release, which is what happens most of the time on iPhone Games anyway. I’ve added this to my Public TODO List =).


Other than that and a few issues related to the Textures Sizes, everything fit in quite well! You can see the past hour in the usual video format: (Skip to around 5:30 again to see the final game at real speed)


So what do you think to the new artwork?! I can’t wait much longer to get the game onto an actual device now! I think it looks awesome!

New Main Menu