First things first… Apologies for the lack of an update yesterday. Due to the circumstances I was under yesterday I felt it would have been detrimental to my University Studies to spend 1 hour on this project. I’ll keep trying my hardest to update daily from now on!


One of my tasks on my Task List was to make the buttons act when they we’re released rather than pressed. This is how buttons work on most iPhone titles, and I wanted to have it this way so that you could actually see the button’s ‘Down’ and ‘Up’ states that the artist has completed for me.

So the buttons work now so that when you first touch the button, it lights up. If you hold the button it stays lit but nothing happens. If you drag your finger off of the button, it becomes un-pressed, so dulls back down, but this doesn’t count as a release. If you have your finger over the button, and then release your finger from the button, it does the action of the button.

The way the buttons work behind the scene had to change all together, and probably for the good. Basically they changed so that the Action of the button was handled internally in the Button class rather than handled by the state which holds the button. This seems more logical, and a better encapsulating technique.

Power-up Tweaks

Another task that I completed today was that it was hard to tell which power-up was currently active. To make it easier to see which power-up you currently have, I implemented a box in the top left, which shows which current power-up is in use! Using my awesome programmer art skills I created a box and added this to the top left corner of the game state. When no power-up is in use it is empty, when the player picks one up it is filled with the correct image which relates to the power-up!


Here is today’s video, Skip to 5:20 to see the game at the current time in real 100% speed rather than 10x speed.


I’m going to start promoting this project soon, try to get a few more people to this blog!

If you are following this blog and do not know me from University or Family, then please let me know! I’d love to know if anyone else is following what I’m up too!