The glory of game development eh…

I’ve been trying my hardest to the the music into the game, but since Windows Phone 7 can’t use the XACT format, it’s been pretty hard to get things working as I want them too!

I’ve got 5 samples of music, one loop for the menu, one loop for the game and one loop for the end screen. That’s 3 pieces. The other 2 pieces are transitions from one loop to the other loop.

Moving seamlessly from one piece of music to another piece of music is the problem I am having … So for now, I’ve decided to move away from the music, and focus on sound effects and making the game look and feel better. As well as adding a little more into the game of course.

Starting tomorrow, I will be back to my recording ways!


An Update on my Device! I WILL HAVE IT ON MONDAY! Woop! Can’t wait to deploy the game onto the device and have a play around.