It’s been refreshing to actually work on something simple again, since after a few hours of working with the music, I started getting slightly annoyed with it!


Overnight I was given some more artwork from the Artist! I’ve been putting this into the game today, it all went in pretty straight forward!


I’ve added a sound effect to the game, an EXPLOSION! You can hear it in this weeks video! Now with me talking and gameplay rather than code!


So I’ve changed the format of the videos now, I thought people weren’t really interested in my coding, especially people who don’t know how to code but want to keep up with my project!

So now what I do is record me playing the game, and talking about what I’ve changed while playing the game. Hope you enjoy the new format … I’m not a big fan because I hate my own voice when it has been recorded, but I did it for you guys =P:


So what do you think to the new format?