Wow … Has it been that long since I last posted?! Well, I can’t apologise enough if you’ve been waiting for a new update! But I’m back, and will start this on a daily basis once again! University work just piled up on top of me and I never managed to get back to doing an Hour a Day, but I’m going to get back into the routine once again.

Today was really a clean up day, I’ve spent the last hour just making sure the buttons all work well, and all look correct. Trying to fix the artists spelling mistake of ‘Leaderboreds’ but failing a little bit (I left a black background on the button and saved it, can’t remove the black background now! Will need to redo it again) and just getting back into the code again.

There is no video for today, Nothing has really changed at all since the last hours work (in December -_-) but in the near future there will be a worthy update! Once I’m back on a role I don’t think there will be many more hours before release date!