So for this hour, I was fixing the problem that I created yesterday with my Photoshop fail, re-editing some images sent by the artist which contained a spelling mistake. This took a lot longer than I was expecting the 2nd time around, to make sure that the pressed down and pressed up buttons were correctly aligned and that they looked correct in the game itself.

A problem that was discovered while playtesting over Christmas was that when the game automatically changes its orientation due to turning the phone around, the tilt sensors still acted as though the screen was orientated the other way around, and it totally failed! I needed to research into how to get the screens current orientation, and after this was done it was a case of changing some of the mathematics so that the rotation worked fine and it moved in the correct direction.

That is all for this hour, will try to do some more visual changes in the next hour so that I can upload another video for you guys to look at!