Hello Again!

Today I’ve been implementing more enemies / enemy variation! I’ve also made a difficulty curve, since before there wasn’t one at all.

I’ve decided on 2 more enemy types, ones that are smaller and faster and ones that are large and slower, but take 2 explosions to kill! I’ve asked the artist for new artwork for these, and hopefully he delivers soon! The larger ones will take 2 hits to kill, so I need to represent when one has been hit. For this I will have 2 textures for the larger enemies, one normal and one beaten down a bit. Also I’m thinking of adding a smoke trail to the ones that have been hit once, which should add a nice effect!

I’ve also sped the enemies up over time, and spawned more over time so that it gets increasingly difficult the longer the game goes on. This will of course need tweaking with precision to make sure the game is just right, so it’s best to start fiddling with it earlier rather than later!

Check out today’s video with the new enemies, and me failing to kill them (and me with bad grammar):