Hello again!

Today, I’ve been pretty busy with all my University work and have been in Derby all day, but nothing will stop me doing some work on Tapsplosion! If I’m being honest, I’ve probably put in less than an hour today, but it’s all I could manage without falling asleep on my keyboard…

All I’ve really changed today is how the pause and end game screens look, they were a little unfinished and it was impossible, once you played a game, to get back to the main menu. The game may be so good that you never want to leave it, but getting back to the main menu may be required in some circumstances! When I’ve got multiple game modes in people may want to switch between them without re-loading the game! I spent a lot of time moving some images that Mr Artist has given me around to fit in with the game more. I’d already got a back to menu button for the Options screen, so with a bit of tweaking that managed to fit in the pause menu too.

No Video today I’m afraid, too little has changed, the video would be MORE un-interesting and last about 20 seconds.