Hello Again,

The artwork has not yet arrived for the new enemies, so instead, after fixing the alpha problems I had yesterday, I decided to do a bit of house keeping that needs to be done. The boring bits and bobs that need to be done if you want your game to be taken seriously!

Firstly though, I needed to fix the alpha issues I was having (thanks Pyroka for commenting and helping, but none of what you said changed anything =( ). The problem being, that in XNA 4.0, there is a weird problem (or maybe a feature) when it comes to creating custom Colors with your own alpha. If you want to create an alpha’d image, in the past it’s been as simple as:- new Color(1, 1, 1, 0.1f) to create an image with 10% alpha. In XNA 4.0 you need to first create the opaque colour:- Color.White, and then multiply it by the alpha value you need. So the final colour is:- Color.White * 0.1f. It’s a weird and different way of things happening, but I read it is due to the pre-multiplied Alpha that made its way in alongside XNA 4.0.

After this, I was unsure where to go next. I did a little bit of housekeeping by putting: “TapSplosion © 2011 David Leverton” in the game. The rest of the time was trying to implement some sort of Splash / Loading screen, this is where most of my time was spent, and some more weird things happened.

I followed the following bit of text: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff769511(v=vs.92).aspx to create a splash screen with a loading bar. Everything loads fine, and each loop through the update it loads 20% of the game each time through, so each time the update is called the bar should increase by 20%. The weird problem being that update is called at a much greater rate than Draw is being called, so the loading bar didn’t look as though it was loading at all … My draw code in the Draw function I thought was updating at the same rate as the Update function was being called, but obviously XNA doesn’t do it this way. So in the next hour I will need to force the game to update the loading bar to update and draw more frequently.

All of these problems may be caused by the fact it takes less than a second to load everything, so a splash screen may not even be needed in the end.