Hi Again!

After playing the game for a while with the new artwork in, I found a few minor problems, and a few things that could be added to give the game a bit of a better look…

Firstly, there have been a few times that enemies have popped up and spawned right in front of me, in the direction I’m moving, and there has been no way at all that I could avoid them. For this reason I’ve now created a spawning animation, which looks pretty cool, but it’s mainly a good way of stopping this undesired killing of the player. The enemies now scale in, surrounded by a purple energy ball of sorts, it looks good and needs to be seen to give the full effect. A video will be posted tomorrow but today I’ve not much time!

Another addition is that the Juggernaughts seemed to overwhelm the screen, and the spawned on top of one another which looks awkward. To stop this from happening, there are now a  maximum of 2 Juggernaughts on the screen at the same time, and they will never spawn overlapping!

That is a about it for now, I’ll post a video tomorrow during my hour to show these new improvements!