Hi all!

So 2 hour blog posts in one today! Yesterday seemed to fly by for me, so never really got time to blog about what I did.

I didn’t get a huge amount done in the 40th hour anyway! I started to implement all of the new powerups, which seemed to take a lot longer than expected. The main problem being the new “Gravity Vortex” powerup, which sucks all enemies in the level towards it. Since you don’t want to apply the same force to each enemy in the screen (would look a little pants) it took a very long time to tweak the settings to get it looking right, and even into the 2nd hour it still needed tweaking a lot!

To get a semi-natural looking curve of forces applied in relation to distance, I cubed the distance between the vortex and the player and used that in the mathematical equation instead of just the plain distance, this should (and does) give a better looking curve, so the closer the enemy is to the vortex the more force is applied to them!

Also … MORE ARTWORK! I got the artwork for the powerups this morning, and have been implementing them for the rest of the hour. The game is starting to look a lot more game like now, and I’m very excited about releasing the game when it is ready! Which could even be this month.

Here is a video showing the new artwork and powerups, No commentary today … It’s not really needed.

As you can see, the game is a little easy now!

Also, check out this wallpaper that the artist has made! Feel free to download it!

Check it out! A Wallpaper!