Today I’ve been pointed to by a close friend of mine who worked with me during my iOS development days. It seems to be the answer to all of my prayers!

I’ve been wondering how to implement leaderboards for a long while, since the game was thought up. I had a play with databases but failed after a small attempt, and was going to just end up using a .txt file stored locally. Then I was pointed to Mogade! An open source framework for implementing leaderboards and achievements into a WP7 project! Just what I was looking for. The closest thing that I can compare it to is OpenFeint, or Game Center for the iOS, although a little less feature rich since it’s a new development, and the UI has to be crafted yourself =).

The documentation is a little slack, not a lot of information on how to implement and how to use it, but it seems mostly self explanatory. I’ve just been having a small look over this past hour, but will try to implement it in the next couple and hopefully will have a nice, global online leaderboard system going by the end of the week!

I’ll keep you posted!