Hello Again!

The past couple of hours I’ve been playing around with the leaderboards once again,  (Mogade API). It’s starting to make a lot more sense, and is actually really useful now that I know how it all works!

At the moment, the game is  still a little messy, so no video again today, but rest assured it is nearly ready to be premiered very soon! So far I’ve got a leaderboard page, which shows all scores submitted and is accessible from all pages. There is a submit score button at the end of the game, which people can press to submit their score to the leaderboard, and when pressed the user can input their name, that name is shown on the leaderboards too!

What I still need to change is to tidy up the display of the leaderboards. The API also has functionality for Daily, Weekly and overall leaderboards, which I may yet implement (What do you think? Would it add more to it?). Also the end screen looks a bit cluttered, I may think about moving some things around or changing it completely!

Sorry about the lack of video, but there will be one soon!