Hello Again!

Yesterday, I was tiding up what I had already done, and just testing the leaderboard system with lots of different bits of information, It’s working pretty well at the moment and support for Daily, Weekly and Overall leaderboards has been put into the game, just it’s not been tested yet. I want to make sure the leaderboard system works flawlessly and seamlessly since it will probably encourage more people to come back to play the game over and over again if they can fight against other players around the world! So as of yesterday, the leaderboards are implemented pretty well, but it still looks a little under polished since there is no specific artwork for the leaderboards yet.

This morning, Mogade (the leaderboard service) was updated, so for the previous hour I’ve been playing around with the new API. One of the updates was that you can set the leaderboards up to only allow the highest score of the user to be displayed in any given leaderboard, which is exactly how I wanted mine to work (Why would you need scores on the leaderboard that weren’t your highest?) So I’ve been testing out this functionality with different username and different scores to make sure it works (since it’s still only in testing) but unfortunately is a little broken at the moment, I’ve let the devs know and it shouldn’t require a change at my end to solve the problem hopefully! Also in the update was the functionality to return a custom  number of scores per page, rather than the fixed number of 10 users per page in the previous version. I’ve been playing around with this too, trying to see which is the best way to display data.

So overall, the past 2 hours have been quite experimental and not a huge amount has been added, just quite a bit of polishing.

Also! New artwork Alert! I’ve been given an Icon for the game, which looks awesome, and should stick out on the market place I hope!

Awesome new Game Icon.

New Icon on the Emulator!

What do you think?

That is all for today! Will hopefully video in the next couple of days, I’d like to wait for some artwork for the leaderboards before they are revealed though :-).