Today, again, has been a day in which not a lot has been changed to the game. I’m still waiting on the artwork for the leaderboards so I decided to go and search for some music!

First of all, the music manager that was in my existing code was a mess, so I needed to clean it up (I was attempting something way to complicated for a small game) so first things first I started fresh with a simple manager for music, one bit of music for the menu and one for the game (at the moment).

When that was implemented, it was time to search for the music! There are many different websites offer FREE music for commercial use, and even more offering cheap music! I started my search at Sound Rangers, which had been recommended by another WP7 developer. After trawling though many songs, for the menu I liked the sounds of Deep Chill, fits my game perfectly I think and works well in the menu! The price is small price to pay for a quality product at the end of it! As of yet, I’ve not found some music for the main game. On the same page as the Deep Chill there are some that would fit relativly well, the problem with them is that the loops start quiet and end quiet, which are a bit poor. Another I liked for in game play was On The Move, although it may be a little quick for the game, since the gameplay is quite slow at the moment.

Let me know what you think! I could search through music for days but “days” isn’t a timeframe I’d like to work with to find music.