Hello there!

Well … This hour has changed the game and made it a hell of a lot more fun / hectic. So, in the 50th hour, what did I do?

Today I’ve been adding a bit more excitement to the game in the form of enemies spawning. Previously, they spawned at an ever increasing rate, but it was only ever one enemy at a time. It was easy to predict, all enemies followed you so you could grab them up and create a train and it just got a little to boring too quickly. With this update, I’ve added some more random spawningness (is that a word?). Enemies have a 1 in 10 chance to spawn in a big group, in some sort of pattern, so far I’ve only implemented a circle around the player or a Straight line from top to bottom or left to right. The enemies that spawn around you still follow you, but you get trapped if you run out of shockwaves to use on them! And the enemies that spawn in a line down the side, they move from one side to the other without following the player. This add’s a lot more fun and excitement to the game, you have to dodge around enemies more than before and it just feels much, much better!

So, I hear you cry: “Is there a Video today Dave? I only come to watch the Videos!” … The answer is YES! Check it out! No commentary today, so you can appreciate the new music too.

Next time – Leaderboards (Depending on artwork arriving) OR maybe a change to the score system, just time is a bit boring and adding some kind of multiplier combo stuff will make it more replayable and fun OR if I feel like making it look better, the deaths are very plain at the moment, they need jazzing up.

What do you think? Look better? It plays on the Device a lot better since it’s an accelerometer based game, playing with the mouse is not fun at all!