Hello There! Today I’ve added a few particles to the enemies, and just tidied up the UI a little bit!

I’ve had a “Spark” particle for a while, the artists gave me on when I got the new enemies artwork a few weeks back, but I’ve never really used it for much. After looking at the game for a while, and thinking what could improve how the game looks I thought to myself that the way that the enemies die is a little boring. They need polishing a little. So that’s what I did!

I added a Spark particle to when the enemies die. I went in high to begin with, with 30 particles per enemy death! I thought it would be too much for the Device to handle, but it coped excellently, in fact the framerate didn’t drop at all! So after tweaking the particles, giving them a random speed, random direction, random starting position and random size, I finally had the finished product. What do you think? Here is a video showing the new updates today:

Let me know if they look ok, or if I’m deluded and they actually look pretty pants.