Another day another hours work on TapSplosion! Today I’ve just been tiding up some loose ends that have made their way into the game over the last few days/weeks.

The main change being that when you collect multiple power-ups, only one was displayed. Since implementing the new power-ups there has been one powerup display missing also. So I’ve now tidied it up a little bit so that is displays all current powerups, and it also has a countdown bar underneath each of the powerups telling you how long they are active for! (This looks a little weird at the moment, may think of a better way to do it).

Some other changes include:

  • Lines of enemies spawn horizontal as well as vertical
  • When enemies fall into a gravity vortex, they used to just disappear as soon as they touched it. Now they shrink as though they are being sucked in, and it looks better!
  • The Countdown text has been centered! (Thanks Pyroka for making me do that one)
  • Some enemies spawned just out of bounds and created a weird error, this is now fixed
  • Enemies still only spawned in the smaller area of the game rather than the newer large area. – Fixed!
  • Some other things I’ve probably forgot.

I don’t have time to record a video today, and most of these things are rare occurrences that you probably never even noticed anyway, so there is not a lot of point creating one just for these fixes! =)

I really can’t wait to get it onto the marketplace now, but I should wait until I feel it’s perfect!

See you tomorrow!