Hello All,

This hour I’ve just been making the leaderboards work correctly in all possible situations! And giving the user a lot more feedback as to what is happening.

Previously, when looking through the leaderboards if you had an error due to no internet, or your internet was slow, you’d have no idea what was happening. Now I’ve added some messages that show up and give you information, such as “Loading” or “Error” etc.

Also when submitting your score, if you have no internet connection or slow internet, it would not give enough feedback then too! So I’ve changed it to let you know when it’s submitting the score, and errors associated with it.

Also, some of the font has been changed to match the new score font. It looks much better!

Unfortunately though, no video today. I’ve not made hugely advanced changes, so the video would be a bit plain and very similar to yesterdays!