Hello All, I’m back to working on TapSplosion now, sorry for the 2 days away =).

As for what I’ve been up to today, just a few small fixes that needed to be done and the main chunk of the time was spent trying to work out what to do when ‘Tombstoning’ occurs. Tombstoning is when the user either closes the app, or locks the device so that the devices loses focus on the app. As the developer you need to handle these cases in the correct manner, so using TapSplosion as the example, when the user closes the app, I would think that they wouldn’t want to return to the game they were playing, so no data really needs to be saved (other than the high score that is already being saved). When the user locks the screen or presses the search button by accident I would expect the user to want to come back to the game where they left off, so data needs to be saved when this happens, so that you can load the game into the correct state when it is re-activated!

So firstly, the 2 little fixes that I made to the game at the start of the hour were:

  • Particles and gravity vortexes (what is the plural of Vortex?) hang around when the player dies and starts a new game.
  • The loading screen didn’t work correctly.

These 2 are now fixed, the particles and gravity vortexes are deleted upon the death of the player (reset of the game state) and the loading screen is not fixed, so the loading bar moves up gradually rather than not moving at all! This was done by forcing the graphics device to update the backbuffer, rather than waiting on the Draw method to be called (it was not being called at the same rate as the Update for some weird reason!)

For now, I’ve implemented the Tombstoning functions, but I’ve not implemented any code to save the state at the moment. It took me a while to research about Tombstoning and to implement the event driven function calls, so during the next hour I’ll implement the saving code!

Handling tombstoning correctly is the difference between a good game and a great game, and personally I’d like to made the latter of the two!

Sorry about the lack of updates again, but hold on tight and a video will appear in the next few days (I know you all come to watch the videos rather than read the text =P)

Thank you all! See you tomorrow!