Hey All!

Today I was pretty busy, fitting the hour today in would have been a struggle at the best of times, but one thing happened today that just stopped me doing any major work on TapSplosion …

External Hard-drive failure …

That’s right, my beloved External Hard-drive finally packed up, slowly but surely it came to a halt. I managed to salvage my most important bits of data before it completely died on me, things like University Work, Music and … Well, TapSplosion! (Stupidly enough I’d not made a backup of TapSplosion for some time!)

So, the time I did get out of my busy schedule today was taken up by wandering down to PC World to get a new hard-drive and transferring data from one to the other.

What I have done today though (a couple of minutes ago) is set up a twitter account, just for TapSplosion! So you’ll no longer hear the ramblings of my personal life on the twitter side bar, or if you follow me specifically.

Follow the Updates at @TapSplosion http://twitter.com/TapSplosion.

I’ll do over an hour tomorrow, and post it as a double hour post!

Thanks, post again tomorrow!