Hey all!

I’ve been doing a few small minor tweaks to the game over the last hour, and also one quite big tweak which I would like your feedback for:

  • I’ve changed the scoring system to have 2 separate elements now
    • You get score based on kills (Same as previously)
      • 5pts for Normal enemy
      • 10pts for Fast
      • 40pts for Juggernaught
      • Multiplier based on how many you kill close to eachother. (+ 1x multiplier per kill.)
    • New – Score added for how long you are alive for.
      • Every second, score is added based on 2 factors:
      • Number of enemies on the screen at the time
      • Number of seconds you have been alive
      • These 2 values are multiplied together!

I feel that this new system both rewards bravery, epic combos and survival! Tell me your thoughts, is it too complicated? Or does it sound just about right?!

I’ve also changed a couple of things more related to the device:

  • When the device is held so that the speed is around 0 (perfectly flat) the player starts shaking quite rapidly. I’ve smoothed out the rotation so that this doesn’t happen as badly now!
  • Menu Enemies are now in all screens – This still needs tweaking since some appear above some foreground objects (I need some tweaks to the artwork)

So since todays changes are mostly behind the scenes or device related, I’ve not uploaded a new video. Sorry Guys!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more changes, but it’s looking excellent so far! Can’t wait to release it!