Hey All,

Firstly, I’d like to announce that from now on, the updates on this blog will be a little more sparse. I feel as I’m getting to the polishing stage, the amount of things changing from hour to hour won’t be great enough to blog about. Also I’d quite like to focus  more on my University work … making video’s daily and updating this blog daily takes a lot more time that you’d think, so it ends up being really a 2 hours per day working on this project. As I’m getting towards the finale of my university studies I’d like to focus more and more time on that! (I’ll still be doing an hour per day on the game still, just not blogging so regularly)

So what has changed today?

  • Menu Enemies are now in all the menus!
  • The player rotates around the center point of inner circle, rather than the images center point (Very small change)
  • Fading explosions – Explosions now fade towards the end of the ‘explode’ – Looks nice!
  • Fading tutorial text – when the collectible items are collected, the text corresponding to them fades.
  • A Skip Tutorial button – You can now skip the tutorial!

The next update probably won’t be tomorrow, but probably towards the middle of the week. I’ll upload a video then and explain all of the new updates!