Hey All,

So over the past few days, as I stated in my last post, I’ve still been working on TapSplosion but just not blogging about it as much. The game is almost complete now, with only a few minor changes and tweaks to polish the game off, but in the next few hours I see the game being sent off to Microsoft to be put onto the marketplace!

So what have I changed since the last blog post? Well, I’ve uploaded a video where I explain the changes which is at the bottom of this post, but here I’ll list them all with a little bit more information. If you would like more information on how I implemented anything then please feel free to ask me!

  • I’ve added Trial mode functionality  and a purchase screen so that people can buy the game while in trial mode – This was much simpler than imagined. You can check if the game is in trial mode by calling ‘Guide.IsTrialMode’. I do this when the game loads, and at the change of every state (just to be sure).
  • Different Holding positions: The player can now hold their device either Flat ( Looking down at the device) or at an angle (More natural) – This was just another phase in polishing the game and giving the user more freedom.
  • User can listen to own music now – Previously, if the user was listening to music while launching the App it would cut off for the games music, but now they are asked if they wish to change to the game music, or use their own!
  • Dieing animation for your ship -When the player dies, there is now a 2 second animation of the player dieing. This just helps emphasise why and where you died, and stops any miss taps on the screen
  • Sounds used to only play 1 at a time, now more can be played at a time!
  • Juggernaughts die more epicly and have been generally polished – Dieing now emits a large shockwave, and when they are hit once but not dead they emit smoke particles

That is all I can remember and all I have noted that has changed since last time! The game is so close to completion now, I think all that needs to change are the tutorial and polishing the trial mode / purchase screen. I’m thinking of adding achievements too, but this may come in a later update to the game rather than the initial release.

Check out the video for visual reference and explanations of the changes!

Hope you like the game, and will see you again soon in the future. Hopefully the game should be ready for submission sooner rather than later!