Hey All,

So this morning I got an email from the Testing team, with a fail stamped on my game =(. The reason for failure I actually thought would happen a couple of days after submission. I realised that pressing the back button on the Windows Phone device didn’t actually do anything in my game, and the requirements are that when ‘back’ is pressed on the title screen that it quits the application and when ‘back’ is pressed on any other screen something expected happens!

These are 2 fails that I got pulled up for, and it was quite a simple fix! Where ever you press ‘back’ now it does something expected, rather than nothing.

The third and final fail that I was pulled up for was that the game crashes on start-up on some mobile devices … At first glance this looked a daunting task since that was the only information I received, but after looking at the tests the game is put through, one of those looked like it would crash the game and it did. The thing that would cause the game to crash was playing the game in “Airplane Mode”, which turns off all connectivity. When trying to load the leaderboards up I had no check for if there was no connectivity to the internet, and it just crashed without a try/catch statement to help it fail gracefully. This was just a case of putting the try/catch statements in, and if an error is caught bring up a message about having no connectivity.

Also while the game was in submission you may have noticed me doing a bit of  marketing and getting the word of TapSplosion out into the wide world! Here are a few of the websites that have picked up TapSplosion so far:





The response has been EXCELLENT! I’m pretty shell shocked by how well it’s gone down actually, I hope the game sells well at the end of it all now! =D

I’ll keep you updated with what I’m up to in the future, next move may be to start a new game or just keep updating TapSplosion, I’ll have a think about it =).

Thanks everyone! And will post when the game is available on the Marketplace!