Hello All!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, but I can assure you I have been working on the game (sometimes even more than 1 hour a day :-o). I’ve been working on a FREE version of TapSplosion, which will have adverts in it and a smaller playing space because of them. This will act as another source of income, and a promotional tool for the paid version of the game, since the paid version will get all of the new and better features that I may be implementing ;-).

The reason I’ve been quiet is that I didn’t want to announce a free version of TapSplosion so early to release, it may make people think … “Hmmm, I’ll wait for the free version” and then I’ve lost a sale from that person and probably wouldn’t recover the £1 from advertising revenue from that one person =).

I’ve been having problems submitting the game though, I’ve submitted for the 4th time this evening, and it just keeps coming back with problems. Some of the problems are in the Paid version that manage to slip through, and some are new ones which have just appeared randomly =). Others are just bad Testers getting things wrong… I’ll leave that rant for another day =).

So, I thought I’d just update you on what is happening, there has been an update for the paid version of TapSplosion in testing too, which should make it through soon. It only has a few small changes (Double recharge bars to make it more noticeable and small bug fixes) , but I’ll be updating it soon with some better features and maybe some more game modes. Keep an eye out!