Hello There!

TapSplosion has been getting a lot of publicity over the past few days, which is awesome!

1. Firstly, TapSplosion FREE is now available on the marketplace! This is a fully featured (Although it will get updates later), Ad funded version of the Paid game!  Download it Now!

2. Secondly, TapSplosion has had another amazing review, this time from WMPowerUser.com, and can be read here:


And here is the video review to accompany it:

Key Quotes include: “This game is a Masterpiece” =P I was overwhelmed by the response it has been getting.

3. Next, is where I need your help! Over at bestwp7games.com they have released a Poll, for best game of the month. TapSplosion has been shortlisted and I need your help to vote! So head on over and vote, if you think TapSplosion is better than the rest of course =P.


Thanks Guys!