Hi All,

I thought I’d update you with what is going on now with TapSplosion. As I promised, I will be updating the game (all be it slowly (1 hour a day)). and the first thing I’ll be adding to the game are Achievements! These will be difficult to gain and should add another element of re-playability to the game! I’m expecting this to take a week at most, I may also need some new artwork so it depends on how quickly Joe (the artist) responds with some quick artwork. I’ll also need to design a whole new page in the game for the achievements, which could take a while, so keep an eye out here and I’ll be updating you as and when I update it!

Here is a preview of the Achievements:

Name Points Description
Survivor 50 – Stay alive for 5 mins
We Come in Peace 100 – Survive for 2 mins with no Explosion
Killing Spree! 25 – 50 Combo
Rampage! 50 – 100 Combo
Unstoppable! 75 – 200 Combo
God Like! 100 – 400 Combo
Thanks for the Help! 100 – Juggernaut explosion kills 50 enemies
Save them for Later 50 – Save 5 powerups for later
Obliteration 75 – Kill 95% of enemies on screen (more than 50)
One Million! 50 – 1 Million points
Ten Million! 100 – 10 Million Points
First Page! 75 – Top 7 Daily Score
Extreme Survivor 150 – Survive for 8 Mins

Thanks! Will keep you posted!