Hey All!

I’ve been working (slowly) on achievements! Also waiting on some artwork which should make it’s way to me over the weekend. But this update is not really about Achievements, it’s about what I’ve decided to do on the Free Version of TapSplosion.

So after working with Millennial Media for the adverts in the Free Version since release, I’ve decided to swap to the official Microsoft Ad SDK, and wait until they support countries outside of the UK to be paid. I’ve had poor results with Millennial Media and if I’d been with Microsoft from launch of the game then I’d probably be a lot better off financially too if peoples figures are to believed.

Unfortunately these adverts are slightly larger in size, so there has been a reduction in size of the play area, but it is still awfully fun!

I’ll update very soon about achievements, and will post a video to show them in action too!