Hi All!

So, TapSplosion with Achievements has been submitted to Microsoft, and if approved should arrive in the marketplace on Friday, BUT … “Achievements” is a term which I fear Microsoft reserve for Xbox Live games, and the game may be failed on this. If it is failed, I think “Awards” is the next best thing, so it will be changed and re-submitted.

I shall keep you posted on any news, and when it is released!

What Now?

I’ve finished TapSplosion v2.0, I think now it is time to go back to working 1 hour a day on a new project! This will start tomorrow, I’m not 100% sure on what the new project will be, but I have a few ideas. I’ll also be taking time out of my schedule to update TapSplosion more and more, but that will probably be only when I have time to do more than 1 hour a day. (Weekends and Holidays?)

I’ll also try to implement Achievements into the Free version if there is enough of a cry for them, I just feel Achievements are something that people should pay to acquire!

Thanks, will keep you all posted.