This blog will document, hour by hour (day by day), the process that goes on in a Game Developers head when they create a new game from scratch!

Want more information on what I get up to at University? Or a more personal Blog?:


The following is a great deal more information about the Blog, and myself:

I’m a University of Derby student and I’m studying Computer Games Programming. During my spare time, of which there is hardly any, I decided it would be a great idea to create a game of my own design. I’m sure every student thinks “I should really do some of my own work” but then doesn’t manage to do what they aim to set out to do, since things get overwhelming pretty quickly. To overcome the problem of “I don’t have enough time” I’ve decided to start working on a project of my own for 1 hour every day!

An hour a day may not seem like a lot of time to make a decent game, but I’m pretty confident things will go quickly!

I’m going to be making a game for the recently released Windows Phone 7 OS, which will take advantage of the accelerometer. I have been a pretty avid gamer on the iPhone OS, with my iPod Touch, and have played a variety of games on that platform. I’ve also developed a few games for the iOS too, during my placement year at We Are Colin (link), so I’ve been there all before, developed and marketed games on a mobile platform!

Using the experience I gained on my Placement, I’m going to make a game using XNA for Windows Phone 7. The game of choice is a recreation and simplification of a game which has done reasonably well on the iPhone already, Tilt-to-Live (link). I personally loved the game, and a lot of other people did too, but the game really never took off like many other more famous games (Angry Birds / Doodle Jump), even though it was of the same very high quality and very addictive.

I don’t intend to copy the game piece-by-piece, I’m going to take inspiration from the game and twist it into my very own unique title.


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