Millennial Media Impressions – WP7 Ad SDK for Devs Outside of US

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So, the reason for the slow progress on any new additions to TapSplosion is because of my Free Version’s Adverts. If you have played TapSplosion Free, you have probably noticed that ALL of the adverts are of the same type (Daily Deals) … This is a problem with the SDK, which is completely broken:

To begin with, I wasn’t getting any Clicks registered for when I click the adverts in the game, and since it is Pay-per-Click, that is bad! After talking with their support (which was pretty decent) they eventually recognised that it is their problem and not mine. They managed to fix something in the background (with the XMLs) which eventually got the SDK to recognised my clicks, which meant I could finally get some revenue from my adverts, but they still have the problem of only one type of Advert showing, which is still a big problem.

They are aiming for a new SDK at the beginning of next week, and I’m happy to stick with them for a big longer to try and get this fixed for the Windows Phone 7 community, since it’s the only alternative for XNA games. It’s just a shame that I had to test out their SDK in a live app before they realised their SDK is totally broken.

As for the figures that matter, they are not very impressive at all. This may be due to the broken SDK, when that is fixed I’ll post some figures then, but at the moment I’m getting the following numbers:

Daily Requests: ~ 15k

Daily View: ~6k

Fill Rate: ~40% (Bad)

Average Daily Revenue: ~$4

eCPM: $0.297 (Revenue per 1k views)

CTR: ~0.55% (Click through rate)

Anyone used Microsofts Official SDK? I tried another SDK due to being in the UK, and outside of the US is not supported by Microsoft at the moment. How do my figures stack up to others? I’m guessing very badly because of the broken SDK!

I’ll let people know when they fix the SDK and if things improve … if I’m still getting a decent amount of impressions that is!

Thanks, Will keep you up to date!



TapSplosion – What’s Next

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Hi All,

I thought I’d update you with what is going on now with TapSplosion. As I promised, I will be updating the game (all be it slowly (1 hour a day)). and the first thing I’ll be adding to the game are Achievements! These will be difficult to gain and should add another element of re-playability to the game! I’m expecting this to take a week at most, I may also need some new artwork so it depends on how quickly Joe (the artist) responds with some quick artwork. I’ll also need to design a whole new page in the game for the achievements, which could take a while, so keep an eye out here and I’ll be updating you as and when I update it!

Here is a preview of the Achievements:

Name Points Description
Survivor 50 – Stay alive for 5 mins
We Come in Peace 100 – Survive for 2 mins with no Explosion
Killing Spree! 25 – 50 Combo
Rampage! 50 – 100 Combo
Unstoppable! 75 – 200 Combo
God Like! 100 – 400 Combo
Thanks for the Help! 100 – Juggernaut explosion kills 50 enemies
Save them for Later 50 – Save 5 powerups for later
Obliteration 75 – Kill 95% of enemies on screen (more than 50)
One Million! 50 – 1 Million points
Ten Million! 100 – 10 Million Points
First Page! 75 – Top 7 Daily Score
Extreme Survivor 150 – Survive for 8 Mins

Thanks! Will keep you posted!

TapSplosion – Free, Reviews and VOTE!


Hello There!

TapSplosion has been getting a lot of publicity over the past few days, which is awesome!

1. Firstly, TapSplosion FREE is now available on the marketplace! This is a fully featured (Although it will get updates later), Ad funded version of the Paid game!  Download it Now!

2. Secondly, TapSplosion has had another amazing review, this time from, and can be read here:

And here is the video review to accompany it:

Key Quotes include: “This game is a Masterpiece” =P I was overwhelmed by the response it has been getting.

3. Next, is where I need your help! Over at they have released a Poll, for best game of the month. TapSplosion has been shortlisted and I need your help to vote! So head on over and vote, if you think TapSplosion is better than the rest of course =P.

Thanks Guys!



TapSplosion – Developer Interview + Review

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Hi Again All!

Work is still carrying on, when the free version is released I’ll start updating the game more and more!

For now though, I forgot to mention my Developer Interview, and another review which appeared over the past week, you can find them here:


Developer Interview

Another great review! Things are going well.

TapSplosion – Free Version & Problems

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Hello All!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, but I can assure you I have been working on the game (sometimes even more than 1 hour a day :-o). I’ve been working on a FREE version of TapSplosion, which will have adverts in it and a smaller playing space because of them. This will act as another source of income, and a promotional tool for the paid version of the game, since the paid version will get all of the new and better features that I may be implementing ;-).

The reason I’ve been quiet is that I didn’t want to announce a free version of TapSplosion so early to release, it may make people think … “Hmmm, I’ll wait for the free version” and then I’ve lost a sale from that person and probably wouldn’t recover the £1 from advertising revenue from that one person =).

I’ve been having problems submitting the game though, I’ve submitted for the 4th time this evening, and it just keeps coming back with problems. Some of the problems are in the Paid version that manage to slip through, and some are new ones which have just appeared randomly =). Others are just bad Testers getting things wrong… I’ll leave that rant for another day =).

So, I thought I’d just update you on what is happening, there has been an update for the paid version of TapSplosion in testing too, which should make it through soon. It only has a few small changes (Double recharge bars to make it more noticeable and small bug fixes) , but I’ll be updating it soon with some better features and maybe some more game modes. Keep an eye out!



TapSplosion – Windows Phone 7 Game – Update 1.2 Released!

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Hi All,

I’ve been a little quiet recently, but rest assured that I have been working on TapSplosion, fixing problems and marketing the game a little. Most of the problems with the game so far have been with the leaderboards, so I’ve been fixing them quite franticly and have already released 2 updated which should get them to work exactly as expected!

I also have an interview lined up with WP7Lab who have also reviewed my game and the review can be found here:

TapSplosion Review

TapSplosion Review

As Always I’ll keep you posted on what is happening, and when I eventually receive a few bits of sales data I shall share them with the world, since I know how helpful they can be to new indie developers!

Thanks Guys.

TapSplosion – Update Already Submitted

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Hey All,

Now that the leaderboards have started filling up, I’ve noticed a major problem with them … The problem being that users can only see their own score when they are on the page with their score on, and the leaderboards only allow you to view 2 pages (14 users) which is also very bad. This combination I can see upsetting people quite soon, when they realise the bug, so I’ve submitted an update already to fix these problems!

Lets hope for a speedy submission!

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